What Does Senior Home Care Encompass?

Senior home care is given to elderly people within their own homes. Normally, a care agency or company offers their services which can range from health monitoring to cleaning and cooking. Driving the seniors to and from appointments is but another home care service. The costs of these services can be paid by the person receiving help or by the government or health plan.

Typically, the manager of a home care service will employ attendants and assign them clients’. The kind of care each client receives will vary. Some seniors will require a daily check-in, this could be via a phone call or in person, also, other less standard services could be required like transportation to appointments. Other elderly people that wish to stay in their own homes could choose a live-in senior attendant.

The aforementioned care attendants will have their own room and board included in their wages. They are responsible for cleaning the house, cooking all the meals and driving the client to medical appointments. Bathing, toileting, and dressing could also be needed by their elderly client. Senior home care service companies will match the qualifications of their employees with the needs of their clients.

Some home care attendants will have qualifications in health care and offer medical help when required. They will keep a record of their client’s blood pressure and other information, in addition to getting medication from the pharmacy as per a doctor’s orders. Some are even trained in medical techniques like occupational therapy. Most home care attendants will be schooled in basic first aid and resuscitation techniques.

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